Every season has its’ own unique characteristics and people who love each one. Summer is the season for beach trips and family vacations. Spring is the time for fresh flowers and the senior prom for high school students. Fall is the time when people get to have their favorite pumpkin spice latte and enjoy the beauty of leaves changing color. Winter is the time for building snowmen and hitting the slopes. If you live in particular areas of the United States, like New England or the upper Midwest,winter is a time that can pose some serious downfalls. Winter is a difficult time and there are a lot of things about winter that can make life really difficult to deal with.

From December to the middle of March, snow and ice are things that are a regular occurrence and they can make life really difficult. One of the worst parts is having to shovel it out of the walkways and driveways so people can still get out and do what they need to. Snow removal is a major consideration for homeowners and renters alike. When ice is added into the mix, the removal can become so much more difficult and require the use of salt and sometimes other tools as well. Ice will make this removal require so much more work to get it out of the way and safe. They have to make sure that this is accounted for once winter comes. Regardless of the weather, jobs and errands are still in demand of people’s attention.

People in these areas of the country have to have a whole separate wardrobe just for the winter. In the fall, they have to switch out the spring and summer clothes for the winter clothes they are going to need.  People who go out in the winter weather are going to have to bundle up with multiple layers of clothing. Snow boots, gloves, hats, thermal pants and shirts, and snow pants will be necessary just to go out to the grocery store in the wintertime. Not only can it be uncomfortable to layer up like this, it is going to triple the amount of laundry that is going to accumulate in a household. This makes the laundry chore take twice as long, if not longer, to be completed. It is no doubt that everyone in these areas of the country, at some point or another, has stepped in snow that has been tracked into their home and that is so annoying.

The extreme weather conditions can also make it very difficult to get around. Just because it snows, people still have to go to work and life still continues. It will make their commutes to and from work a lot longer than they normally would be. This weather often causes a host of accidents, crashes, and sliding off the road, even for experienced drivers. Anyone who has to drive in these conditions will say that if they have the option, they will definitely call out of work and stay home. Driving in weather like this is also very difficult to teach to new drivers. It is difficult for great drivers, the thought of a teenager or new driver going out in it can be stressful and cause many people to not go anywhere at all. One thing that can drive parents’ crazy is when school is canceled because it is too dangerous for the kids to go to school. They are going to be stuck at home, cooped up in the house and that is never fun for anyone.

Winter weather is never easy. The idea of cabin fever is so true. Once spring comes people will be outside because they have been cooped up without any real sunshine for a number of months. Snow removal, travel, work commutes, and layers of clothing are just the tip of the iceberg. It can be really depressing when you are dealing with a long, harsh winter. All people who deal with these winters want spring to come so they can go outside and have some fun without having to freeze or shovel some snow. Winter can get old and frustrating really quickly.