Are you starting a business from home or are you running an office but still stick to old habits? Perhaps it’s time to renew things and get yourself or your employees an ergonomic office chair if it is only to reduce potential future health costs. Amazon has quite a selection on that front so if you find a product you’re interested in you can get it right away, and what you didn’t know is that they are having a huge sale at the moment so that you can get it at a large discount.

Amazon’s Choice – Flash Furniture

If you’re looking for an affordable yet comfortable model then it’s hard to go wrong with the choice Amazon made for you. This quality chair with a ventilated back is a unique model in the market. Priced at a little above a hundred dollars and an average rating of almost 4-stars is not bad at all.

Best Seller – Amazon’s Basic

Did you know that Amazon runs its own brand? Instead of pushing the price up because vendors pay Amazon over 20% in commissions plus all the other costs involved for storage it makes sense that Amazon can offer you the best quality for the best price. This chair comes with an extra high back and looks very comfortable, priced at a little more than the Flash model it would make a great choice.

Furmax Leather Office Chair

Another high back model though not exactly promoted as for the office but more so for gaming, its futuristic design already gives you the idea that it might be for something different though it definitely wouldn’t misfit in a modern office. It’s a rather cheap model at only sixty dollars so the leather claim has to be taken with a large grain of salt as true leather doesn’t come at that price. The reviews are quite positive though, even better than the other so do your own research to find out more.

Serta Air Health & Wellness

Definitely, a mouthful and this looks like the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever seen. The reviews definitely don’t lie at a rating of 4-stars. The only downside is that it’s considerably more expensive at almost 180 dollars. What you get for the more price is the air kinetic lumbar that adapts to your body and movements so that you’re supported in every possible way.

Bonus: Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This is a strange little chair that forces you to sit in an entirely different position, and it comes with thick cushions to make it comfortable. Instead of your feet dangling on the floor or touching the floor if you’re of average height you are literally sitting in a kneeling position so I suggest you check it out for yourself at