Nowadays there are a plethora of products available out there that have re-defined the concept of convenience in the kitchen. There are multiple ways to replicate those delicious oozing toasted sandwiches you thought up until now you could only come across in your local deli.

The traditional way of grilling your sandwiches in the pan with a smear of butter on each side is tried and true, but these sandwich grillers take toasted sandwiches to the next level – and will last the mile, even if you have children demanded a daily toasted sandwich for lunch. It can be hard to seek out the highest quality brands and models, and most of you don’t have time to read a heap of reviews anyway. Here are three sandwich makers that will ensure you get that perfect toasted sandwich every time.

The first type of sandwich maker goes above and beyond to provide the service of grilling: the Griddler

A Griddler is usually at the top end of a sandwich maker, being quite a heavy duty machine compared to the lighter, simpler versions that only do sandwiches. The Griddler can toast burgers as well as sandwiches, making it versatile and helpful in other parts of your cooking. Because it is more of a hot plate grill than your lighter counterparts, the cooking time for your sandwich or Friday night burgers is a bit slower, but it’s worth the wait. It’s grooved lines leave your food looking perfectly grilled, so you know it’s done thoroughly and adequately. Because this is a serious sandwich maker, it’s best suited for those of you who are as equally serious about your toasted sandwiches – it’s perfect for consistent, daily use.

The second type of sandwich maker famous amongst other products available on the market is the Panini press.

The Panini press is more delicate and lighter than the griddle. With Panini presses you have surface options as well – you can choose from either the grooved ridges, like the griddle, or a smooth surface that is renowned for cooking your sandwich evenly, but will not leave it with those satisfying grill marks that the grooved sandwich makers will. The Panini press is a faster, more instant sandwich maker, which means that it gets hotter a lot faster and stays warmer for longer – taking less time to toast your sandwich, but also risking burnt fingers of children left in charge of it and impatient to eat their lunch. Visit Panini Perfect and take a look at these great reviews of the full range that is available out there.

The third and final type of sandwich maker that is better known among its rivals – and easier to remember because of its name – is, the sandwich maker.

This is the traditional, most common type of sandwich maker, as true to form it was made entirely with the purpose of toasting sandwiches, and nothing else. It has two sandwich-sized square grooves side by side, allowing you to toast two sandwiches at a time correctly. This is go-to for those of you who are purists and would only use a sandwich maker to toast sandwiches – they are guaranteed to turn out exactly as you would expect them to when using their namesake. This type of sandwich maker is perfect for those of you who don’t want to blow too much on toasting sandwiches now and then and can’t remember the last time you wanted to toast a burger or a Panini.

Thanks to the internet, there is now an array of sandwich makers out there for purchase. From the heavy duty griddle that could even cook your sausages if you wanted it to, to the humble tried and true sandwich maker itself that has proven to be a winner for the toasted sandwich since first invented. It depends on how you like to do your toasting – flat, grilled or sandwiched; they’re all available at different prices points, so you don’t have to waste too much time finding what it is you’re looking for in your kitchen.