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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Reception

After him putting a ring on your finger, the next issue on the list is where you are going to have the reception. Many people forget that the reception is where they come closer to the guests, which means that you need to make sure the wedding reception also adds value to the wedding.

Whether you have tied the knot in a traditional wedding or a classic one, you still need to have the right venue to host your guests and meet them in person. Let us look at the various ways to choose the perfect venue for the reception.

You will have various options to choose from when it comes to the wedding reception. The need for a separate venue from the wedding makes it possible for you to change the scenery as well as have a more private place to interact with your guests.

Every person has different features when looking for the reception venue; therefore it is vital that you find out what you are looking for. Do you need something indoors or outdoors, elegant or rustic? Here are the few tips to consider.

The Accessibility

You need a wedding reception venue to be near the wedding venue. Make sure the guests don’t have to travel all the way to get to the venue of the reception after they are done with the wedding. What you need is somewhere that is near the wedding so that you don’t have to impose more expenses on the guests.

Many couples opt for a wedding reception to be in the same place as the wedding venue. This makes for a smooth transition from the wedding to the reception. If the wedding is a hall with an adjoining spacious room, you can opt for the next room to be a reception venue.

Additionally, if the wedding venue has a large garden, you can use the garden to host the reception. However, this will need a few tweaks including the erection of a tent and use furniture from a rental service. Make sure the reception is large enough to accommodate all the guests.

Your Budget

You need to have a budget for the wedding and the reception. If your budget allows, you can choose to have separate areas for the wedding and the reception, but if you are working on a tight budget, you have to use what is there, and you might have to opt for the same venue to hold the reception as well. What you need though is a large space that you can separate into two – one for the reception and another for the wedding.

What you need to do is to research, research and research some more. The role of the research is to know the various available locations and choose what is ideal for you. If possible, work with a local wedding planner to help you identify the different locations that fit your needs.

Narrow down to a few locations that you can then select.

Ask the Right Questions

When touring the possible locations, make sure you ask the questions that will allow you to make a decision fast. You can take someone along that understands the kind of questions to ask, for instance, the availability of the location on your wedding date, the capacity of the venue in terms of numbers and the need for a specific caterer.

You also need to ask about the price of the venue and the additional services on offer. Before you ask anything, you need to know what kind of restrictions that the venue offers, and find out whether they are in line with the needs of the wedding.

Does it Match the Wedding Theme?

You need to find a venue that will add some quality to the theme that you have chosen for the wedding. If you are going for a classic wedding theme, then the venue should also accentuate it. For instance look at a wedding such as to have an idea of what to do when you plan the same themed wedding.

In Closing

You need to choose the perfect wedding reception for your needs so that you don’t end the day on an anticlimax. The venue needs to make your guests relaxed and cap off the event of the day on a high note.

Planning and Executing an Inner City Wedding

The wedding season sees thousands of couples tie the knot in different destinations. One of the latest trends that we have noticed is the increase in the number of inner-city weddings. These weddings come complete with amazing backdrops devoid of the greenery that many people are used to.

You might be thinking along this line, which is why we need to talk about inner-city weddings and how you can nail the perfect one.

Why Are These Weddings on the Rise?

Inner city weddings are becoming more and more popular because couples are opting to explore more non-traditional wedding options than before. They wish to treat their guests to a unique experience that they don’t expect while making the whole wedding a success.

Additionally, inner-city weddings are ideal for those couples that are closer to home and need a place that is ready to host their wedding.

With the advent of technology and city life taking center stage, more couples are adopting the city lifestyle, and wish to take it up even in their wedding.

Additionally, the city provides the kind of energy that is different from what the unusual wedding venues offer. Traffic, skyscrapers and hooting taxis make for the perfect backdrop for a wedding of this magnitude.

Whatever the reason to have chosen this route, you need to make the wedding a success.

What Comprises the Perfect Inner City Wedding?

To make the inner city wedding the best, there can be, you need to choose your guest well and plan appropriately. Planning an inner-city wedding is similar to planning a traditional wedding, with just a few differences.

The way you dress up also matters. You will want to match the energy found in the city with the kind of dress you choose. You can even come up with a dressing code for your guests as well to make the set up complete.

Another thing that makes inner city weddings a success is the location. Location plays a significant role because it can make or break the wedding. You can choose a location in the hippy part of the town or go to a historic location to pull off a classic wedding.

Make sure the location you choose is ideal though. It needs to be accessible and have the amenities and services that you need. If the location is big enough, you can host the wedding as well as the reception from the same place, making it ideal and convenient.

Planning the Wedding

The planning process follows the same route as the traditional wedding in any other location. First, you need to understand what you need regarding the cost of the wedding. Make sure you understand what goes into the perfect inner city wedding before you come up with the cost estimates. Some of the items that you need in a traditional wedding might not be necessary for this type of wedding.

Secondly, you need to consider the catering. You can have the wedding in a venue with inside catering or hire outside caterers to do the job. Either way, you need to make sure you have enough food for your guests.

The place needs to be accessible, and not be congested. Holding a wedding in a high traffic area can even lead to delays in the bride’s arrival, which can spoil the fun especially for guests that have come from far. You also need to consider the available parking space for those guests who will come driving.

Finally, you have to consider the entertainment. You need to have a musician or a DJ on site to provide the music you need for the day.

Capturing Special Moments

Since this is a unique event, you need to make sure that every moment is put on record. You need to work with a qualified wedding photographer from bluebendphotography to cover the event and make sure he captures all the critical shots from the wedding.

Final Thoughts

Inner city weddings are a delight because they give an alternative edge to the traditional church weddings. With the right planning, you can pull this wedding off flawlessly. However, you need to have the right venue and make sure everything is in place before you can attempt this feat.

Where Can You Use Bi Fold Doors in Your Establishment?

Bi-fold doors are on an increasing trend and form the perfect way to let light into your home without breaking the bank. The bi-folding door increases the width of an entrance because the different doors fold into each other. They also take up less space, making them ideal for limited spaces.

These doors are ideal for different applications in the home. Let us look at these applications.

Partitioning Existing Space

Existing spaces in your home or office can do with a little partitioning. Using bricks or wood to create the partition eliminates the sense of space, which makes the rooms look smaller.

The best way to create a wall and retain the element of space is to use bi-fold doors. The doors come with glazed glass that allows you to have separate rooms while maintaining the original space.

Traditionally, the design of the partition wasn’t so innovative, and anyone could realize the presence of the partition. Moreover, the partition was hard to install and harder to blend with the surrounding decor. With the seamless and minimalistic design of the current bi-fold doors, you won’t even notice the aluminum frames.

The various rooms you end up with improve the convenience and efficiency as far as better working is concerned. The different rooms in the office can act as cubicles for your staff. If you use the doors in the home, you can use some of the rooms as study rooms, or as a bedroom using the blinds that come with the order.

You can also use the doors to create a partition between the dining area and the living room. Most homes don’t have anything between these two spaces. Sometimes these two are separated by a door, which means you cannot know when the food has been served or not.

The doors between the rooms are easy to open and close and are safe for use especially when you have kids in the home.

Bring the Outdoors into the Home

You can connect the outdoors to your living room or your extension by installing the doors on one or two sides of the wall. These doors are designed in a way that you enjoy an uninterrupted view of the outside world.

This design is ideal when you have kids that you need to keep an eye on as they play. Other kinds of walls couldn’t give you this luxury at all.

To nail the look, you need to use complimenting floor and wall decor so that you can make the perfect transition between the outside and the inside once you open the doors

One of the ways that you can make the whole arrangement work is to extend the floor style up to the edge of the swimming pool. This will make the outdoor spa or swimming pool seem like a part of the interior.

Dare Your Closet Doors to Be Different

Once you spend all that money on the interior of your closet, what remains is for you to match this with the exterior. The exterior is as important as the interior when it comes to designing your closet.

If you have a large closet, you can take advantage of the stylish and classy design of bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors let you see what is in the closet, and make it easy for you to open and close the doors. The silent operation won’t disturb anyone else sleeping in the room.

If you wish to add the element of space to the room, you can go for bi-fold doors that use mirrored glass panels. For a touch of elegance, you can choose frosted or textured glass doors.


If you are into the restaurant business, then bi-fold doors give you the perfect option. These doors fold back and create a space between the kitchen and the outside tables so that the waiters can easily access the customers. By opening up the sidewalk, you get to add more tables and chairs, which can open your restaurant up for more business.

These doors also make it easy to let in natural light. Your customers also enjoy a cool fresh breeze whenever they need it. However, you can close up the space when the wind becomes too much.

If you can’t open the doors, your customers can still get the perfect view of the outside through the clear glass.


You can use the bi-fold doors in hotels to give your guests a clear view of the outdoors right from the comfort of their beds. The doors can be folded back so that the guest can get unlimited access to the balcony of the hotel room.

Build an Extension

You can use the glass doors to create an extension of the home. The extension can be on the side of the house or the roof. Such an extension can have the bi-fold doors on only one side of the room or all sides, depending on your original design.

You can choose the kind of glass to use. The kind of glass depends on the objective of the extension in the first place. If you need the extension just for relaxation or an office, you need adequate light to filter into the extension.

When building the extension, it is vital to consider different kinds of blinds available. These blinds add color to the extension and help you regulate the amount of light streaming into the room depending on your needs. Take time to choose what color scheme you need, and work with a recommended Bi Fold Doors Manchester supplier so that you can integrate the doors into the existing design.

Final Thoughts

You can put bi-fold doors to different uses both in the home and in your commercial enterprise. These doors are versatile and provide various benefits to these establishments. Choose the right kind of doors to make sure the final result is attractive and beneficial to you the user. Remember, what you end up with is a combination of the right materials, doors, and expertise.

3 Mistakes Wedding Guests Make

Some wedding guests are straight from hell, in every sense of the word. Don’t be surprised that most of the people attending your wedding don’t know how to behave in decorum. Here is a rundown of the most common blunders to watch out from guests as your big day approaches and what you can do about it.

Failure to RSVP

Yes, while this is a no-brainer, it is the biggest wedding mistake guests commit. Irrespective of how persuasive your cards are, some guests won’t reply. Most take it for granted that you already know that they’ll be in attendance. Others simply ignore the RSVP section and hope to reply when they’re already at the wedding.  Many don’t realize how important it is to get a headcount before the event. And others are just ignorant, inconsiderate or forgetful.

If your invitees don’t RSVP, call them up. Let them know that they need to confirm their attendance to help you make accurate plans on things such as food, sitting arrangement and more.

Going AWOL

No responsible invitee should do this. Yet wedding guests will RSVP “Yes” and end up not showing up at your wedding. You see, when a guest says that he/she will attend your wedding, it means that you will have to incur costs to host him/her whether he/she comes or not. Also, it will create an awkward gap in the sitting arrangement. At the very least, an invitee who won’t make it should call you in advance and apologize profusely. That way, you will have some explanation to those in attendance as to why the expected guest is missing.

On your part, you should inform your wedding coordinator about no-shows ASAP to reduce wastage and unnecessary costs.

Drinking One Too Many

Weddings should be all about fun and merry-making, right? Well, to some guests take it is an open invitation to drink free booze all night long. Sure, you want your guests to enjoy themselves but some take it too far.

One the best ways to prevent your guests from over drinking is to hire a wedding singer cum emcee. He/she will call out anyone who seems to be a little bit drunk and that way your coordinator can find a cab for them. The only thing you need to do is to find a reputable and experienced singer who will keep the crowd entertained while ensuring that everyone behaves accordingly. Be sure to go to website of the singer to sample testimonials before hiring him/her.

The Bottom Line

The last thing that you want at your wedding is a guest who’s trying to be the star of the show. The spotlight ought to be shining on you and the bride. Get rid of such guests before they turn your wedding into a disaster. If possible, your coordinator should tell those in attendance not to broadcast your wedding on social media in a polite tone. Also, you should ensure that everyone in your wedding entourage keeps time, including the singer!

Best Features of a Cordless Drill

A power drill is probably the most used power tool around the home. When you are looking to buy a new drill, it is important that you buy a decent quality drill that has all the features that you want. The quality of the drill can make a dramatic difference to the result of your project or job. I would always recommend checking out reviews on any of the tools that you are considering buying. You should use a specialist site like Drills and Drivers for their reviews and recommendations of all cordless power tools. Even if you are just looking for a drill to do some DIY around the house, you need to make sure it will do exactly what you want it to do.


The power rating of a cordless drill can vary from 7.2 volts to 24 volts. A drill with a higher voltage will be more powerful and will, therefore, be able to drill quicker or easier. A more powerful drill is easier for you, as you will get through the job quicker. However, a more powerful drill is also a heavier drill. Between 12 and 18 volts is normally the happy medium for an average DIY drill user who is going to carry out a variety of tasks.


One of the main downfalls of a cordless drill can be the battery. It is important that you look after the battery as this can affect the longevity of the actual drill. It is a good idea, when you buy your new drill, to buy at least 1 spare battery so you have 2 that you can alternate.

Also, check out the charger. If you can, buy one of the fast chargers. These can charge a battery in as little as 60 minutes. Some chargers also prevent the battery from overcharging which is a worthwhile investment.

There are 3 types of battery. NiCad (Nickel Cadmium), which are the cheapest but also have the poorest charge holding and can end up not holding any charge at all. These are also the heaviest. NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) which are middle of the road batteries. Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) which hold a high charge and are the lightest. These are also the most expensive so consider how much use your drill, and batteries, will get.

Another feature you may want to consider on the drill is a battery charge indicator. This tells you how much charge there is left in the battery.


Many drills now come with an LED work light. Although a lot of drills just have one LED light, there are some models that have 3 LEDs. These clearly light up the area making it much easier for you to work. Your drill should have one LED as a minimum.

Variable Speed

Having variable speed gives you more flexibility when using your drill. If you can vary the speed you can handle drilling through a variety of materials easily and safely.

You should also consider buying a cordless drill that has gears. They are normally available with 2 or 3 gears. This is useful and gives further flexibility especially when using the drill as a screwdriver.

You can also buy a cordless drill with a hammer action. This makes it far easier to drill through tough material.


Drills are either keyless chuck or have a keyed chuck. It used to be difficult to buy a keyless chuck and so you always had the problem of losing the key. Drills with a keyless chuck are now far more common and these are probably the better option as they are easier to use than the keyed variety.

You will find that there are a lot of cordless drills available for you to buy. They all have distinctive features so make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for before you buy your new drill. Make sure it has the features that you need, not the ones that you will never use. Think about how you are going to use your drill. Will you just use it occasionally or will it be used frequently for heavy work?Are you only going to drill, or do you want to use it as a cordless screwdriver? Ensure you know what you want before you go out and buy.

Skipping Rope: Its Position in Boxing Fitness

Skipping the rope is one of the forgotten skills in a boxing workout. However, you need to incorporate this into your boxing fitness routine. Skipping rope is incredible for cardio training, working your legs and footwork. You don’t need an hour to skip the rope, all you need is a few minutes, and you will be on your way to a great physique.

First Things First – Choosing the Perfect Skipping Rope

There are very many skipping ropes available for you to use – depending on the material and the length. Some are made of cotton, some plastic while others coated wire. The weight of the skipping rope varies depending on the material in use.

Choose a rope that is light in your hands, and that will help you get the workout you need without being too tough on your hands. A heavy rope will make you get tired easily. Additionally, a heavy rope will hurt you when it hits the back of your legs, something that will happen severally.

The extra light skipping ropes aren’t ideal either because they won’t cut through the air as fast and as flawlessly as they should.

Once you have the perfect skipping rope, you need to get enough space for the task. The best place is to skip from the gym. Visit to join a boxing gym that gives you enough space to skip rope. Don’t forget your training shoes to avoid injury to your feet.

How to Skip

    1. Skip Without The Rope

Yes, place the rope down and focus on your footwork without worrying about rope timing. The boxer’s skip is different from other varieties. You bounce twice on the ball of your feet, twice on the left and twice on the right. Remember, you bounce on the balls of the feet, not the heels pr the toes. Don’t jump, just bounce a short height and keep the steps short. Start slowly and find a rhythm to follow. Do this for 2 rounds, each round taking 2 minutes.

    1. Single Handed Skipping

Now that you have rhythm, you need to work on your timing. For this movement, you are going to go for the double bounce but with both ends of the rope in both hands. Swing the rope on a single side of your feet without letting go of it. Do this for 2 rounds as well, each 2 minutes.

    1. Full Skipping

Now it is time to put everything together. Grab an end of each rope in each hand. You aim to perform the double bounce you mastered in step 1 while making sure the rope passes under your feet after every skip. For starters, you will miss a few times, but don’t despair. The aim is to combine the footwork in step 1 with this timing. Remember in boxing timing and footwork is everything.

Adding Skipping to Your Routine

Use this rope skipping exercise to warm up before heading to the punching bag. You can also utilize it as a cooling down exercise. Make sure you stretch your calves after each session.

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

The pet isn’t just a pet, it provides companionship and with time, it becomes part of your family. There are various things you need to implement to make sure your pet feels at home and knows that it is part of a bigger family. Today we look at the various acts that will make the pet feel comfortable and remain a part of the family for long.

Treatment and Vaccinations

You need to make sure you treat the pet against any animal conditions the moment they occur. You also need to handle any injuries by taking the pet to a qualified vet. This will keep the pet healthy and happy at all times. You also need to know the vaccine schedule for your pets so that you prevent the occurrence of future conditions.

Pet Abode

You need to have a place where the pet naps and rests. Right from its puppy stage, you need to make sure the pet understand that you have allocated a special area for their comfort. Just like any other animal, a pet loves living in comfort; therefore make sure you have all the accessories that will make life good for the pet.

One of the issues that many homeowners forget is that pets are affected by changes in weather just like humans. You need to find the right accessories to make the pets comfortable during cold weather. Check out this daily heated pads sale so that you can get the right accessories for such times.

Pet Toys

Pets are playful animals, and they wish to run and jump around as much as they can. You need to visit the local pet store and get a few toys depending on the age and the nature of the animal. The use of toys also helps train the pets and make them strong for them to grow faster.

The Right Food

For proper growth and maturity of your pet, you need to feed your pet with the right food. Pets also need the right nutrients to grow big and strong. You need to research and find out the right pet food for your kind of pet and know how many times you need to feed the pet to make it grow faster.

Talk to a pet nutritionist or visit specific forums that provide information on the kind of food that a pet needs. Talk to the expert with your pet in mind to know what kind of food to buy, in what quantities and the feeding schedule.

Pet Hygiene

You need to keep your pet clean at all times. Additionally, you need to keep the bedding and heating pad dry and clean at all times to prevent diseases.

In Closing

You ought to make sure your pet’s living conditions are the perfect ones in order for you to make the pet happy. Failure to provide the right accessories for the pet will cause diseases as well as prevent the pet from growing properly. You need to make the right purchases depending on the type of the pet, the age, and the size.

Toy Ideas for Boys Aged 5 and Up

Your baby boy is growing up so fast! Now that your child has officially left their toddler years behind they’ll need some “big kid” toys. At 5, children begin learning to express themselves and continue their search to understand the world around them. The toys you give can help them with this.

If you’re wondering what type of toy to buy for your son just ask yourself what they’ll get out of it. Toys for children like tools for adults can serve a purpose. They can aid in that self-expression and learning process. Chances are any toy is fine, but some toys are just better.

Help them burn some of that energy

Children love to play. Their boundless curiosity enables them to see the world in a light that few adults still do. They also have the energy to match that curiosity. So, if you have a big yard or space for your child outside, why not give them a toy that can help them use up some of that energy?

Anything they can throw or run around with is fine. The idea is just to get them moving and having fun. An active child is a healthy child. Plus, you can get in on the fun and play too. You may want to rest after a long day at work, but your child would love to spend some time moving around with you.

Expressing himself

If your child is more the performing arts type give him something that helps push them in the direction of their talents. Any toy that allows them to bring their imagination to life be it musically, artistically etc. is perfect for them.

Sharing your hobbies

Chances are that your child wants to do what you do. Children love to mimic their parents as you’re their role models. If you love to fish get them the five-year old’s equivalent of your equipment. The same goes for all activities.

If you have a healthy habit give them a chance to see if they’ll love the activity the way you do. Hiking, sports or even a tiny electronics to tinker on would be great, which leads us to our next topic.

Food for thought

Because children love to play and use toys as a vehicle for learning, toys that help them grow intellectually are definitely worth your consideration. Any toy that children build with is perfect. The benefits of building toys are well researched and if your kid loves them expect him to be a brainiac.

Building toys are proven to aid children in developing spatial awareness, critical thinking, planning, organization and even fine motor skills. The act of bringing a concept from one’s mind into physical reality is a skill that any child can learn and develop early with these toys.

That’s huge! Building toys and the skills learnt by playing with them translate directly to higher cognitive ability, mathematical skills and an array of other proficiencies needed in math, science, law and business. You basically can’t go wrong with them.

Nothing means more than time to your child

If your child needs anything, it’s you. You mean more to him than you’ll ever know, especially at this age. Time is the best you could ever give a child. But, if you’re wondering what to get a 5 year old for his birthday and you’re referring to toys, the prior link has you covered. They review toys for children across multiple age groups and can give you the in-depth information that you need to make an informed choice for your child.

What you can do in and around Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina, lies among the Blue Ride Mountains in western North Carolina. With the charm of a small Southern city, Asheville offers visitors and natives alike plenty of activities to enjoy either as a stand alone visit to Asheville or as part of their travel through the Appalachian Mountains.

Exploring the Outdoors

Asheville is a great place for those who love exploring the mountains, tracking down hidden waterfalls, and just taking in the natural beauty of the area. The city is not too far from Mount Mitchell and some of the other highest peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains are also among the highest climbs in the eastern United States.

If you are are not an expert hiker or just want to hike at a gentler pace, there are many beautiful hiking and biking trails for beginners and intermediate hikers that will get you up close to some of the most beautiful scenery in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Among these trails, Asheville is close to the famous Appalachian Trail, which spans over 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine.

If you prefer to drive to explore the mountains by car, you can drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway, a well-known scenic route that passes through Asheville.

Hiking and chasing waterfalls are not the only outdoor activities you can do while you are visiting Asheville. There are plenty of great fishing spots in the area for you to catch trout if fishing is your thing. If you are in for a more fast-paced water sport, the Asheville area offers plenty of opportunities for you to shoot the rapids on a whitewater river float. Nature-lovers can also take in some of the area wildlife, from local and migrating birds to black bears and elk.

Seeing the Biltmore and other fine architecture

Perhaps Asheville’s most famous attraction is the Biltmore House, a mansion constructed in the late 1890s for a member of the Vanderbilt family, who at the height of America’s Gilded Age amassed a fortune in the railroad industry.

The mansion is 250 rooms of what even by today’s standards would be considered absolute magnificence. In addition to getting the chance to explore the house itself, you can walk through Biltmore’s acres of gardens on the sprawling estate grounds. Each garden a slightly different thematic element.

In the heart of the gardens sits Biltmore conservatory, an indoor greenhouse that is the home of many different types of exotic or unusual plants, including species of palm trees and ferns. If you feel particularly inspired by its beauty and elegance, you can join the many others who the conservatory their wedding venue or their location for a big event or celebration.

Although perhaps the best known, Biltmore is not the only place where you can experience luxury living. The Omni Grove Park Inn, which was built over 100 years ago, has served as a mountain retreat for visitors to Asheville, including several Presidents, for decades and is still open to guests today.

Seeing Asheville

The City of Asheville itself will also offer you plenty of other opportunities for fun. The city has developed a reputation for itself as a place where young people and others who are in to the art scene can express themselves and enjoy quality art, and the city also has a rich musical heritage. You can enjoy quality music both by day, sometimes just by walking the city’s streets, as well in the evening hours, as music is an important part of the city’s nightlife.

If you like to shop or eat when visiting a new or unfamiliar city, Asheville offers plenty of options. In addition to getting traditional North Carolina barbecue or other Southern fare, foodies can enjoy creative takes on old favorites of the area, local beer, and food fresh from nearby farms. Shoppers may enjoy visiting one of Asheville’s independently owned bookstores or trying out other local retailers in downtown.

Asheville, North Carolina, will offer you plenty to do, particularly if you love the outdoors, appreciate little slices of America’s history, or just want to experience how wealthy people of bygone years lived their lives. Whether someone you are on business, visiting Asheville for some other reason, or just stopping along your journey up the Appalachian Trail, this city is definitely worth spending a few days exploring and enjoying.

Planning the Perfect Party for Your Friends

Planning and hosting a party for your friends can take a lot of effort! From finding a venue to providing the perfect food, organizing the entertainment and decorating your location, there are dozens of steps you must take to plan the perfect party. But never fear, these simple steps will help you through the process of planning a party from start to finish. Write down things that are important to remember so you won’t forget them.

Decide What Kind of Party You Want

Is this a birthday party for a friend (or yourself)? Is it a celebration of something in a friend’s (or your own) life, such as a new job or a promotion? Or are you just planning a gathering of friends for fun, food, and drink? The answers to these questions will help you decide what theme, if any, you’d like to present at the party. Once you decide on a theme, determine what you’ll need from your guests (is it a costume party? Are you planning an outdoor BBQ? Will there be alcohol involved?).

Find an Appropriate Venue

The next step is finding the right location to host your party. Is it going to be in your own home, or must you find a location such as a restaurant or gathering venue? If it must be held at another location, what will the cost be? Can you save money by booking the venue early? Does the venue come with any perks, like food, a bar, and waitstaff? If not, can you afford these extra services? Will you have to provide security or valet parking? Ask these questions when booking your venue so you won’t face any surprise charges. Does it include entertainment?

Create Your Invitations!

Whether you decide to go the traditional route of paper or the more modern electronic invitations, make sure your invitations provide all the information your guests will need. This includes your name (who), the theme of your party (what), the location of your party (where), the date and time of your party (when) and the reason for the party if you wish (why). This covers all your basics. You can also add information if you’d like guests to bring along something.

You can also use social media like Facebook or email to send out invitations. Word processing software often provides informal templates for things like invitations that you can customize to your needs and theme.

Settle on the Food

If you’re buying snacks and other refreshments, make sure you have enough on hand for everyone you invited. If the food is going to be prepared at the venue, give them your total invitation count, not the number of people who RSVP’ed yes. This will ensure you have enough food for everyone, including those who show up without responding to your invitation (because this can and does happen).

Figure out the Entertainment

If you’re hiring a DJ, touch base with them to make sure they’re aware of the date, time, and location of your party. Pay the deposit, if required, and verify the DJ’s total cost beforehand. If possible, pay up front, so that you won’t have to interrupt your enjoyment of the party to pay the DJ.

In case you handle the entertainment yourself, there is more to learn here about an excellent Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect for indoor parties. This will let you easily project music from your phone or tablet, even streaming if that’s your choice.

You can also organize other entertainment, like games. If your guests are all of drinking age, you can create drinking games (though, make certain all your guests will get home safely if they’ve been consuming alcohol). Games will depend on your group of friends. You can offer prizes if you want, just remember this will add to the overall cost of your party.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

When your party has a specific theme, you can get creative with your party favors and decorations. If your venue allows, decorate the location to match your theme. Party supplies are often inexpensive at dollar stores, so you can get a range of products to add to your décor.

Most Important, Have Fun

When planning a party for your friends, the most important thing is to have fun. And that means you should have fun, too. If the party is large and you have difficulty with the planning, ask a friend to help. This will take some of the burden off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy the party, too.

Planning a party for your friends requires a lot of work. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you systematically work your way down a checklist of things to remember. After you select a location, you can decide on decorations, food, and entertainment for your guests. And one thing’s for certain: you’re going to have a lot of fun!