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How To Land an Outdoor Gig

So you’ve now been playing with your new band a few weeks. You’ve figured out what your style is, you’ve learned to play a bunch of covers and you’ve even written a handful of your own original songs. The next step is to start playing some gigs. Read more

Its Never Too Late to Rock

When I was in high school I was in a band. Not the school marching band, I mean I joined some classmates every week and we would play covers of old classic rock songs. There were four of us, five if you counted Sarah Dawson, who would be our lead singer when she didnt have cheer leading practice. Read more

Living the Dream

Who are you most jealous of in this world? Is it another regular Joe like your neighbour from across the street who has just managed to buy the nice new car? It is your older brother because you always had the suspicions that he was the favourite? Or are you in the same boat as the vast majority of people all around the world and all of your jealously is directed at film stars? Read more

What’s it Like Living in a Cold Climate?

Most people in the world live in temperature or warm climates. Places like San Diego and Miami are perfect for humans, they’re never too hot and never too cold. They can go about their day to day business without having to make far-reaching plans, hoarding and stealing for the future. Read more

The Versatility of the Toaster Oven

Some appliances in the kitchen are pretty straightforward when it comes to their intended purpose. There are those which are designed for a specific task and while they offer various levels or options of the accomplishment of that task, they are limited in their utility through the design of their functionality. Take the blender, for instance. Read more