Who are you most jealous of in this world? Is it another regular Joe like your neighbour from across the street who has just managed to buy the nice new car? It is your older brother because you always had the suspicions that he was the favourite? Or are you in the same boat as the vast majority of people all around the world and all of your jealously is directed at film stars?

The people who star in movies are some of the luckiest in the entire world. Their job is incredible and their lifestyle matches it. Let’s take a closer look at their jobs and why their lives are so much better than ours!

The jobs

Just sit back and think about it for one second. Their job is quite literally to travel around the world to exotic locations and play out the stories of people who are more interesting and have done a lot more than all of us put together.

Whilst we are all slaving away over our computers for a few pounds or dollar an hour, they are of using jetpacks to fly about and driving fast cars to their absolute limits on street tracks in Monte Carlo. If we just take a look at one actor in particular we can probably get a better idea of just how good their job is. Robert Downey Junior’s career was heading only one way and that way was down. He was on the ropes. He had been to prison and was taking an awful lot of drugs.

Then, in 2008 a film about one of Marvels lesser known superhero’s came out and his life changed for the better. Acting is probably the only career in which even if you are a known drug addict, you will be given a second chance to succeed. When Iron Man came out it was only expected to be a filler movie until the much larger and much bigger budgeted Avengers came out in a couple of years time. However everyone misjudged it and it was a huge hit. This really set the ball rolling for Mr Downey Junior and his career has sky rocketed ever since.

He has played Sherlock Holmes in two very well received films by Guy Ritchie and he has become clean and not dependent at all on drugs. However, perhaps the biggest surprise comes in the reward RDJ is going to be getting in the two new Avengers films being released over the next five years. If the rumours are to be believed then he is inline for a pay rise to the tune of $500 million dollars overall. Not bad for a days work is it…..

The Lifestyle

It doesn’t matter whether it is an actor or an actress, you rarely see someone who works in the film industry looking anything less than perfect. Chris Hemsworth is a good example of this, as when we went to see Thor I was almost certain I had lost my girlfriend as she stared at his biceps and abs for the entire hour and a half the film was on our screen. When they need to do it for a role, celebrities seem to bulk up with ease and it is unfair if you ask me!

How do they do it? Whilst the rest of us are looking at websites for inspiration on how to best get that six pack, the celebs are flitting between loosing weight for one role and adding it all back on in muscle for their next. I am going to let you in on an incredibly well known secret that should make you feel a lot better about that little belly that is appearing.

All of these celebrities have the best personal trainers that money can buy. They will have diet plans written up for them, be forced into doing the correct exercises and most importantly actually have the time to do it all as they don’t have to work a nine to five job like the rest of us. So what I am trying to say here is that if you are able to become an actor I would do it, because doesn’t their lifestyle just sound amazing?