When I was in high school I was in a band. Not the school marching band, I mean I joined some classmates every week and we would play covers of old classic rock songs. There were four of us, five if you counted Sarah Dawson, who would be our lead singer when she didnt have cheer leading practice.

She was dating our drummer for a few months but after they split, she always had cheer leading practice and she never really came around that much anymore. Its too bad as she had some pretty good pipes on her and she could really hit the high notes. But it was really just us four and we would get together and jam out for a few hours after class. Its not like we had lofty aspirations of becoming the next Led Zeppelin or Pearl Jam or anything, we just enjoyed rocking out in the garage a couple times a week.

But like anything else you do when youre a kid, we all sort of grew out of it. Graduating high school, getting into a good college, and deciding on a career all took precedence and before long we were meeting up less often to kick out a few chords. Then we just stopped altogether and that was it for the band.

I was the guitarist, my Mom bought me one that we found at a consignment shop in town. It was beat up, needed a little work, but hey, it strummed just fine and though it sounded a little rough, I kinda dug the way it played. If I recall, it only cost about $50 and it was a birthday present. I beat the heck out of that thing and after I went to college and my parents moved, I think they gave the guitar away or maybe sold it at a yard sale for a few bucks. Truth is I have no idea where that old Ibanez ended up but I sure did enjoy playing with it.

Now the music bug has bitten me once again. I have kids now, one of them is interested in music with even more fervor than I had at her age. So needless to say, Ive grown wistful of my youth and I decided to look into getting myself a new guitar. My daughter is into the drums, which is a large part of why I want to get a new electric axe. We got her a starter kit and shes kept with it since, so my wife and I have decided to get her a new drum set for Christmas.

Of course this means I can get myself a guitar, you know, so we can jam in the garage. I started looking around online for the best guitars (Ive been so out of the loop since my younger days) and found this site. Im sure glad I did, because they had everything I needed to help me find the perfect guitar. There was a buying guide, an overview of the top brands now, even a history of the guitar.

Best of all, they had reviews of a whole bunch of models, electric, acoustic, even bass guitars. Let me tell you, I was quite surprised at how much these things have evolved since I was a kid while remaining virtually the same as they ever were. But then, I guess thats how the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Ive chosen the guitar Im going to get, an Ibanez Gio electric, sort of like the one I had when I was my daughters age. I know youre probably thinking I should stop trying to re-live my youth and use my kid as an excuse. But you know what, she seems pretty intent on pursuing this music thing and Im more than happy to support and encourage her passion. Its more than my own parents did for my musical interests and if I can say my kid is a drummer in a band or even a session artist who works with other big name talents, then I think I did my job as a loving father.