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A simple, environment - friendly trap as an alternative to the use of insecticides

Hard to believe - A biting fly trap that actually works!

 Fly Catch 8k
Photo by R.S. Copeland, ICIPE

The catch in a Nzi trap baited with cow urine and acetone in the Kenyan Rift Valley in June 1997. The netting contains 1,700 horse flies, stable flies and tsetse that have entered the trap within the last few hours. The collecting bag and bottle are overwhelmed by a catch over a few days of about 20 - 30,000 flies

Step by Step Instructions

How to Make "DIY" Traps out of cloth or rigid materials (plywood, plexiglas)

       Making a Trap      

"Nzi" is Swahili for fly

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Technical Photographs 

High resolution images of tsetse and other biting flies


Catches on the 4th of May, 2006 at the Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge between Chiefland and Cedar Key, Florida, USA

The bag contains thousands of horse flies, mostly of the species Tabanus lineola

(Photos by D. Strickman, USDA)


Barnstable Nzi catchPlywood Nzi BarnstableWeekly catch in a plywood Nzi trap built by Bart Morris on 18th of July, 2012 set on a farm near Barnstable, Cape Cod, USA

The bag contains thousands of horse flies, mostly greenheads (Tabanus nigrovittatus)



Tabanus similis 17k
Tabanus similis


Resources and detailed information from a residential setting in Ontario


245kLATEST: OLOO,  F., SCIARETTA, A., MOHAMED-AHMED, M.M., KRÖBER, T., MCMULLLIN, A., MIHOK, S. & P. GUERIN (2014) Standardizing visual control devices for tsetse fies: East African Species Glossina fuscipes fuscipes and Glossina tachinoides. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 8(11): e3334.

Hybomitra in Nzi trap cone NWT

S. Mihok and K. Lange (2012 - Journal)

Synergism between ammonia and phenols for Hybomitra tabanids in northern and temperate Canada.

Medical and Veterinary Entomology 26, 282-290. PubMed


Tabanus similis
Mihok, S., Carlson, D.A., Krafsur, E.S. & Foil, L.D.
(2006) Performance of the Nzi and other traps for biting flies in North America. Bulletin of Entomological Research 96, 387-397. PubMed

Stomoxys niger bilineatus
Mihok, S. (2002) The development of a multipurpose trap (the Nzi) for tsetse and other biting flies. Bulletin of Entomological Research 92, 385-403. PubMed


Record Daily Catches

Fly Number Place / Date Odour Baits
Tsetse Flies 5,355 Nguruman, Kenya
May 26, 1995
Acetone, Cow Urine, Octenol
Black Flies
Black Flies in Mirror Video
~30,000 Hay River, NWT, Canada
July 14, 2009
Octenol, Phenols
Stable Flies 2,716 Nairobi, Kenya
July 25, 1995
1,496 Lethbridge, Canada
September 21, 1999
Horse Flies
Nzi Trap YouTube Video
3,163 Hay River, NWT, Canada
July 11, 2009
  4,182 Hay River, NWT, Canada
July 19, 2009
Octenol, Phenols
  2,088 Cape Cod, USA
July 16,
2008 (set for 3 hours only)
  626 Quelimane, Mozambique
September 22, 1997
Acetone, Phenols
557 Lahirasso, Burkina Faso
November 1, 1997

(Image 79k)

712 Russell, Ontario, Canada
July 18, 2002
Carbon Dioxide

Tanzania Tstese Stamps

Ethiopian Tsetse Stamps

Dr. Steve Mihok

BSc 1975 University of Toronto
PhD 1979 University of Alberta

388 Church Street, Russell, Ontario, K4R 1A8 CANADA

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