With space becoming more and more elusive, you need to find a great way to up the value of the home. One of the areas that homeowners are turning to in an attempt to get some more space is through the renovation of the basement. A finished basement is a great place to flex, and if you are looking to add an office or some other space, then you can look to the basement to give you this space.

Here are a few tips to renovate your space to make it more functional for your needs.

Make a Focal Point

When it comes to basements, many homeowners have one that lacks character and no focal points as well. Instead, they all look the same – wide open spaces that have nothing to boast about. One of the top basement tips is to create a central feature for this space, such as a central fireplace so that you can help define the available space and keep things all warm and cozy.

Have Some Windows

Many windows in the basement are relegated to furnace areas and the fireplace. This is a huge waste of natural light. Try to place the windows in a space where you can get to maximize the natural light that is filtering through.

So, try to locate the main area in a place where there is enough light so that you keep everything warm as well as cozy.

Use Different Flooring Materials

The need to use wall-to-wall carpeting makes for warm as well as comfort. However, one of the best renovation tips is to ask the installer to use different materials for waterproofing and insulation.

One of the best ways to heat up the basement is to use under-floor heating which is a great way. You can also layer up some soft floor runners and rugs as well.

Utilize Under-staircase Space

This is usually wasted space most of the time, but with the right strategy, you can do something about it. You can use this space for storage, or use it for a wet bar.

Know the Right Furniture Size

When planning and placing an order for furniture, make sure you measure the width, height as well as the turning radius of the stairs to the basement. This is because you don’t want to be caught stuck in the middle of the stairs with a furniture piece that won’t fit down the stairs.

Use Lighting the Right Way

When making your spaces more liveable, you need to make sure you add some lights to make the basement better. Play with a host of lighting options to choose the one that suits your needs. Choose fixtures that you can afford, and that adds some glam to the space.

If the ceiling lights are lower, then go for recessed lights which are better.  For laundry spaces, make use of under cabinet lighting and then add a few decorative fixtures that add to the task and mood lighting.

Have the Right Tools

When it comes to working on your basement, you need to have some skills to convert it into the space that you desire. For one, you need a stud finder from Stud Locator to identify where the studs have been placed so that you can install items on the wall. The stud locator makes it ideal for so many tasks that need you to put the item on the wall.

It doesn’t take time for you to redesign your basement to get the best space to add to your home.

With the right design, you add to the value of the home and make it more liveable. You can use the basement as a way to make your home more valuable and attract offers.

Have Fun with the Finishes

Adding layer upon layer of patterns and textures throughout the basement adds to the character and the interest. For instance, go for tiles and mixed metals to bring out your personality.

The Bottom-line

You can use the basement to your advantage without having to break the bank. With the right design, you don’t have to add an extension to your house. It takes more than just throwing around a few items to create the effect you need.