Do you wish you could get more sleep? The way you have set up your bedroom and the things that you have in it might be the sole reason you have unending insomnia.

Here are a few tips to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly so that you start your day well rested.

Invest in a New Mattress

Have you ever noticed that every mattress in each shop has a different name and comes with different features? Also, if you ask the sales representative, you will get the information that each mattress is the best to give you a perfect night’s sleep. This makes it had to perform comparison shopping because you will end up with a lot of questions and no answers.

If your mattress is ten years or older, you need to invest in a new one. Additionally, if it is not so much spent but is well worn, then you need to make sure that you get a replacement immediately. Using a mattress that does not provide the support you need leaves you tossing and turning all through the night, and you wake up with a nagging back pain that should not be there in the first place.

The right mattress for you depends on many factors, but the truth is that if you have a mattress that is not comfortable anymore, it is time to ditch it and get a new one.

Get a shop that gives you various options, and gives you a guarantee on your purchase. The mattress that you need should be able to allow you to sink into it, sleep comfortably, and then wake up without suffering from aches and pains.

The Right Bedding

When you have the mattress, the next step is to come up with bedding that can add to the comfort level and keep you warm. The bedding should be large enough to cover you and your partner and be comfortable enough to allow you to sleep the whole night without your feet getting cold.

The material used to make the bedding should be hypoallergenic; this means that the material should not cause an allergic reaction.

Design it as a Single-purpose Space

Bedrooms are not meant to be multitasking spaces. The best bedrooms out there need to be made for a single purpose – sleeping, resting, lovemaking and curling up with a good book now and then. So, make sure you avoid using the bedroom as a workout area, home office or family play area.

Many people try to cram so much into this space and end up chasing out the sleep. Move the other items to extra rooms in the home.

Unclutter the Bedroom

A jumbled up wardrobe might be the reason why your bedroom looks so congested. This can end up spoiling the calm that you need to enjoy what the bedroom has to offer.

If you have a lot in terms of clothes and bags, and you do not have space around the home, then extend the useful space using cabinets to the other areas of the home. Another solution is to use under-bed storage options to maximise the space in the bedroom.

Use Blackout Window Treatments

The mere presence of light can alter your natural sleep pattern, which makes it less rejuvenating for you. What you need is to block out the light using blackout drapes. These drapes block out any light and make it easier for you to sleep even during daytime.

You can also opt for blinds that are made out of thicker textiles to mimic a blackout effect in the room. You can also use a combination of blinds and shades that give a fully dressed look, but that allow you to dictate the amount of light that enters the room at all times.

Finally, if your partner uses the light late into the night, or you cannot get the drapes, then opt for a sleep mask. This mask allows you to enjoy your sleep with the lights on. However, you need to choose a mask that suits your needs, in such a way that it is comfortable to wear and blocks out all the light. Check out the full details about these masks to understand them better.

In Conclusion

Take time to make your bedroom sleep-friendly so that you can enjoy the various benefits or proper rest.