Selling a scrap car isn’t the simplest of tasks. See, your vehicle is barely running and getting people to pay you for its value can be relatively hard. Even then, you don’t have to leave the car on your backyard to gather dust and depreciate further. What follows is a rundown of the options to explore if you want to get some good cash for your scrap car.

Sell it to a Local Scrap Yard

Many junkyards are ready to haul your vehicle at a reasonable cost. All you need to do is find a scrap car coventry within your area and how much they’re willing to pay for your vehicle. You have to be realistic too. Don’t expect to sell your vehicle expensively if it is not in a good condition. However, you must have an estimated value as a way of guiding you on how much your scrap can cost.

You can decide to start by selling off accessories before moving to heavy-duty parts such as doors, and axles. When selling your car as scrap metal, be sure to weigh everything because it determines the price you will get. Still, you have separate material such as rubber and plastic. In most cases, you will have to tow your vehicle to a scrap metal dealer, so make sure that you factor in the transportation cost.

Sell Your Car “As Is”

Selling vehicles “as is” is a popular practice, embraced by many car dealerships. Here, you will place an advert for your automobile on sites such as Craigslist or local newspaper. You have to mention that you’re selling your car “as is.” Also, ensure that you state your vehicle has some faults so a potential buyer can know what to expect. The last thing that you want is to deal with complaints later asking you to cater for the repair costs.

Sell Your Car in Part

See, there’s a specific reason you took your vehicle off the road. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t in a decent condition. You can, therefore, consider breaking it down into pieces and selling them one by one.

The vehicle’s engine might have blown up or was in a collision that wasn’t worth repairing. However, most of the car’s body was left untouched. In such a case, you can sell the accessories first before moving to other parts. Most motorists dismantle the battery, CD players, lights, wing mirrors, seats and lenses as well as the wheels.  You will then weight the remaining scrap metal and sell it separately.

Sell Online

You can go the online way, especially if you want to sell your scrap car quickly. Still, be sure to do some research to find out who will cater to things as such as towing fees. Some popular sites for scrap vehicles include We Buy Any Car and Peddle. Of course, the buyer must have a local collection point or yard.

Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Vehicle

Beware of Scammers – Not everyone has genuine intentions when it comes to buying your car. So, before you choose one buyer over another, make sure that you screen them thoroughly. Write a contract and let the buyer sign it. That way, you will protect yourself if he or she breaches the terms and condition of the agreement.

Know the Lemon Laws to Follow – You have to abide by lemon laws when selling a scrap car. These regulations vary from one state to the other so be sure to check with your local authorities. Some of these laws include mileage tampering and private seller protection.

The Bottom Line

You can fetch a tidy sum if you know how to sell your scrap car. Make sure that you stay within the price range specified by the law. In most states, you will only get a tax refund if you sell your vehicle for more than seven hundred dollars.

Also, remember that the make and model of your car may determine its scrap value. A junk Mercedes Benz, for instance, will attract more money in comparison to a Fiat. The long and short of it that you need to get the basics right before selling your scrap car to get the best value.