There are many times that I just do not feel like getting out of bed in the morning. A lot of people feel this way, especially if they are not eating healthy and getting the proper amount of sleep. Until recently I thought it was because of not being very active as my job calls for me to sit at a desk all day long and then once I am home, it is cooking, cleaning, baths, and bed. The same routine. However, I didn’t consider how much the type of foods I ate or the time that I went to bed had a toll on my sleeping habits.

Eating the Right Foods for Sleep Promotion

If you’re looking for fresh energy in the morning, chances are your choice will be either a quick energy drink or breakfast with coffee or orange juice. One is much safer for you than the other, as the other can mess with the chemical balance of your body. Not everyone chooses to eat breakfast in the morning, and that is a huge mistake as that is where you receive your energy to start the day off. However, when you are winding down breakfast could be a great choice to help you sleep sounder.

Any food or beverage that has Tryptophan or Melatonin is ideal to eat before bedtime, even as a bedtime snack, as long as you remember to brush your teeth afterwards. There are several types of foods that have one or the other that can help promote healthy sleep habits. Fruits that are tart, such as cherries and raspberries are a great bedtime snack as one of their key ingredients is Melatonin. Bananas, milk, bread, honey, almonds, and walnuts are a few things that you can eat or drink before bed as they all contain Tryptophan.

Eating any type of fried or spicy foods before bedtime is not recommended because it takes longer to digest and chances are you will want something in between. If you are eating fried foods try to do so at least three or four hours before you are going to bed. Contrary to it being a healthy snack for during the day, celery is also another bad snack before bedtime as it works as a diuretic, which makes you frequently use the restroom. Grapefruits, orange, and other acidic fruits will increase the chance of heartburn as it increases your acid in your stomach throughout the night.

This is a scarce overview of some of the foods that you can try. If you are looking at the ingredients of the foods that you purchase you may find that some of them are loaded with sleep promoting ingredients. When it comes to eating something that is going to help you sleep, your best bet is from the breakfast menu, such as oatmeal, eggs, biscuits, and cheese. When you combine them, such as having cereal with milk poured over it, you can increase the amount of Tryptophan that you are ingesting, thus creating a sounder sleep.

Recommended Bedtime

Although a lot of people are told that eight hours of sleep is the average for everybody, this is not always true. About seven and a half hours is all you need to properly function, because during those hours your body undergoes the five sleep cycles. Each of these cycles takes approximately ninety minutes to complete. If you add all of those cycles together it is roughly seven and a half hours of needed sleep, the rest is just a bonus.

The easiest way to find the appropriate bedtime is to take the time that you are planning to awake the next day, especially if by alarm clock. Once you have this time set, subtract seven and a half hours from it and it will be the approximate bedtime that you should have for a full nights worth of sleep. For example, if you have to be up the next day around six in the morning, your bedtime, seven and a half hours before six, would be ten thirty. This has helped me set a regular schedule and make my bedtime a reality as I know past that I will not be receiving enough sleep.