Don’t get this post wrong – if your Christmas decor is working for you, then you do not need to upgrade it. However, if you feel things are not right, then you need to find out why and find a solution to the mistakes.

Today we highlight the mistakes that we have come across in our years handling decor for homes, and how you can avoid them to enjoy the best Christmas ever.

You do not Personalize the Decor

The decor that you grab from the local store is mass produced, and the chances are that the look you come up with is duplicated across hundreds of other homes in the neighbourhood. What you need is to add some personalization to the whole arrangement to make yours stand out.

Add some personalization to the decor by dressing them up. You can add some cutout figures or jewellery to the decor pieces to make them unique.

You Try to Cover Every Surface

The holiday spirit can push you to limits, but the result can be Christmas cheer or Christmas clutter. You need to make sure you have the perfect arrangement when it comes to placing things around your home. Take time to get another person’s opinion before making the declaration that you have decorated for Christmas.

Avoid the clutter; take things out so that you can make the other items noticeable.

Not Getting the Whole Family Involved

Hanging the lights and setting up the tree can feel like something that you think is your responsibility. You can make the Christmas decoration a tradition that involves the whole family and not just one person. It is always fun to relive memories when you decorate the home, and setting it up with the entire family makes it part of the family history.

You Don’t Change Tactics

If some of the items have not been working for you all along, it is time to change and try something new. Take time to understand what isn’t working and try to make it work out. For instance, many people find that using the natural tree is hard and involves a lot of processes that aren’t in line with their beliefs anymore.

What you can do in such a situation is buy an artificial Christmas tree. As they say, apart from bringing a new experience to the holiday season, it also makes it possible for you to save some money in the process. Take time to choose the right kind of tree for your needs.

After you use the tree, you can incorporate it into the existing decor waiting for the next holiday season or store it away safely. Learn the few basic steps to store this tree well to use it later on.

You Resort to Traditional Colours Every Time

It is not bad to go for the traditional red and green colours that form the theme of Christmas, but it also becomes monotonous and boring. Why not try something new this year?

There is no reason whatsoever to use different shades of colours to achieve the same.

Do not fear to experiment. You do not know what will work for you, therefore go all out to get the best colour that compliments the colours of your home.

While at it, add some metallics; mix some silver, gold and copper and use them throughout the space to make everything intentional.

You do not know the Size of Your Christmas Tree

Yes, it happens. Many homeowners leave the house for Christmas tree shopping when they have no idea what kind of tree to pick. They end up carrying one that is too big or too small and rack up extra and unexpected expenses trying to make everything right.

Other homeowners rely on their eyes to measure how high the ceiling is and end up underestimating the height. What you need is a tape measure to get the height of the ceiling. Once you have these measurements, talk to the owner of the store to give you the kind of tree that can fit comfortably within your home.

Final Thoughts      

You need to try and make the Christmas season count for you. Take time to understand what you need so that you make everything look festive, and do away with the mistakes that make the season boring.