After him putting a ring on your finger, the next issue on the list is where you are going to have the reception. Many people forget that the reception is where they come closer to the guests, which means that you need to make sure the wedding reception also adds value to the wedding.

Whether you have tied the knot in a traditional wedding or a classic one, you still need to have the right venue to host your guests and meet them in person. Let us look at the various ways to choose the perfect venue for the reception.

You will have various options to choose from when it comes to the wedding reception. The need for a separate venue from the wedding makes it possible for you to change the scenery as well as have a more private place to interact with your guests.

Every person has different features when looking for the reception venue; therefore it is vital that you find out what you are looking for. Do you need something indoors or outdoors, elegant or rustic? Here are the few tips to consider.

The Accessibility

You need a wedding reception venue to be near the wedding venue. Make sure the guests don’t have to travel all the way to get to the venue of the reception after they are done with the wedding. What you need is somewhere that is near the wedding so that you don’t have to impose more expenses on the guests.

Many couples opt for a wedding reception to be in the same place as the wedding venue. This makes for a smooth transition from the wedding to the reception. If the wedding is a hall with an adjoining spacious room, you can opt for the next room to be a reception venue.

Additionally, if the wedding venue has a large garden, you can use the garden to host the reception. However, this will need a few tweaks including the erection of a tent and use furniture from a rental service. Make sure the reception is large enough to accommodate all the guests.

Your Budget

You need to have a budget for the wedding and the reception. If your budget allows, you can choose to have separate areas for the wedding and the reception, but if you are working on a tight budget, you have to use what is there, and you might have to opt for the same venue to hold the reception as well. What you need though is a large space that you can separate into two – one for the reception and another for the wedding.

What you need to do is to research, research and research some more. The role of the research is to know the various available locations and choose what is ideal for you. If possible, work with a local wedding planner to help you identify the different locations that fit your needs.

Narrow down to a few locations that you can then select.

Ask the Right Questions

When touring the possible locations, make sure you ask the questions that will allow you to make a decision fast. You can take someone along that understands the kind of questions to ask, for instance, the availability of the location on your wedding date, the capacity of the venue in terms of numbers and the need for a specific caterer.

You also need to ask about the price of the venue and the additional services on offer. Before you ask anything, you need to know what kind of restrictions that the venue offers, and find out whether they are in line with the needs of the wedding.

Does it Match the Wedding Theme?

You need to find a venue that will add some quality to the theme that you have chosen for the wedding. If you are going for a classic wedding theme, then the venue should also accentuate it. For instance look at a wedding such as to have an idea of what to do when you plan the same themed wedding.

In Closing

You need to choose the perfect wedding reception for your needs so that you don’t end the day on an anticlimax. The venue needs to make your guests relaxed and cap off the event of the day on a high note.