A power drill is probably the most used power tool around the home. When you are looking to buy a new drill, it is important that you buy a decent quality drill that has all the features that you want. The quality of the drill can make a dramatic difference to the result of your project or job. I would always recommend checking out reviews on any of the tools that you are considering buying. You should use a specialist site like Drills and Drivers for their reviews and recommendations of all cordless power tools. Even if you are just looking for a drill to do some DIY around the house, you need to make sure it will do exactly what you want it to do.


The power rating of a cordless drill can vary from 7.2 volts to 24 volts. A drill with a higher voltage will be more powerful and will, therefore, be able to drill quicker or easier. A more powerful drill is easier for you, as you will get through the job quicker. However, a more powerful drill is also a heavier drill. Between 12 and 18 volts is normally the happy medium for an average DIY drill user who is going to carry out a variety of tasks.


One of the main downfalls of a cordless drill can be the battery. It is important that you look after the battery as this can affect the longevity of the actual drill. It is a good idea, when you buy your new drill, to buy at least 1 spare battery so you have 2 that you can alternate.

Also, check out the charger. If you can, buy one of the fast chargers. These can charge a battery in as little as 60 minutes. Some chargers also prevent the battery from overcharging which is a worthwhile investment.

There are 3 types of battery. NiCad (Nickel Cadmium), which are the cheapest but also have the poorest charge holding and can end up not holding any charge at all. These are also the heaviest. NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) which are middle of the road batteries. Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) which hold a high charge and are the lightest. These are also the most expensive so consider how much use your drill, and batteries, will get.

Another feature you may want to consider on the drill is a battery charge indicator. This tells you how much charge there is left in the battery.


Many drills now come with an LED work light. Although a lot of drills just have one LED light, there are some models that have 3 LEDs. These clearly light up the area making it much easier for you to work. Your drill should have one LED as a minimum.

Variable Speed

Having variable speed gives you more flexibility when using your drill. If you can vary the speed you can handle drilling through a variety of materials easily and safely.

You should also consider buying a cordless drill that has gears. They are normally available with 2 or 3 gears. This is useful and gives further flexibility especially when using the drill as a screwdriver.

You can also buy a cordless drill with a hammer action. This makes it far easier to drill through tough material.


Drills are either keyless chuck or have a keyed chuck. It used to be difficult to buy a keyless chuck and so you always had the problem of losing the key. Drills with a keyless chuck are now far more common and these are probably the better option as they are easier to use than the keyed variety.

You will find that there are a lot of cordless drills available for you to buy. They all have distinctive features so make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for before you buy your new drill. Make sure it has the features that you need, not the ones that you will never use. Think about how you are going to use your drill. Will you just use it occasionally or will it be used frequently for heavy work?Are you only going to drill, or do you want to use it as a cordless screwdriver? Ensure you know what you want before you go out and buy.