Those who own a commercial kitchen know that there is more that happens in an average kitchen. Not only is the commercial kitchen bigger than the kitchen in your home, but the set up and the operation is different.

If you are working in a commercial kitchen and you are not getting much out of it, you need to find a way to optimize it. The kitchen is supposed to deliver orders in the shortest time possible without compromising on quality of food. Here are a few tips to this regard.

Have Proper Equipment

Every setup has a set of fundamental equipment, and the kitchen in your restaurant is not any different.  Depending on the needs of the kitchen, you ought to have equipment ranging from commercial refrigerators to dishwashers.

The piece of equipment that you choose needs to be optimized for use in a commercial kitchen instead of a regular home kitchen. Using regular kitchen equipment in a commercial kitchen might give rise to issues later on especially when you find that the equipment is too small to handle the task.

Another reason why you need equipment meant for the commercial kitchen is that there are some warranties that are only applicable to the items that are used in the commercial setting.

Opt for Specialty Appliances

Apart from the regular equipment that you find in every commercial kitchen, you also need to have specialty appliances that are specific for the kitchen. For instance, a kitchen that prepares pizza will need specific equipment that might not find a place in a kitchen that prepares seafood.

You need to sit down and determine what kind of specialty equipment you need in the restaurant and go ahead and acquire them.

Consider the Power Needs

Once you know what kind of equipment and appliances you need in the commercial kitchen the next step is to determine how much power you need for these appliances. Make sure you research, because most of these equipment come with a description showing the power needed.

You can also work with an expert to help you determine the best equipment for the kitchen size. However, do not just think about the present needs when choosing the equipment, make sure you also factor in the future needs as well.

Have Adequate Storage Space

You need to have somewhere to store your items and access them easily.

The amount of storage space that you need depends on the size of the restaurant, the amount of food that you will hold in the kitchen before you serve and the number of shelves that you need for storing dry items.

The need for storage is paramount because many restaurants buy items in bulk to take advantage of the discounts and to have the necessary supplies when they need them. This makes it possible to handle food preparation faster.

Before you can decide on what kind of storage you need, you have to get a solid idea of the style of the restaurant, available space and the layout before you can go ahead and get some add-ons. This is true especially for those expensive storage options.

You also need to consider cold storage options. These come in different varieties and include undercounter fridges, walk in, and glass door units.

For dry storage, you have to assign a space that is well organized and that makes it possible to find anything you need in the shortest time possible. You also need to know what kind of storage space you have so that you can have the perfect shelves for these storage units.

When using shelves, make sure you follow a certain order when arranging the items. The heavier items usually go on the lower shelves, therefore make sure the lower shelves have enough room to prevent heavy items from toppling over and harming the employees.

Final Tip: Keep it Clean

While thinking about where to keep the food and ingredients, you need to know where you will take the trash. Have collection points for the trash all over the kitchen and a central point outside the kitchen. Think about whether to recycle, the number of trashcans you need and which waste management company to use for the waste collection. Continue reading to find out more about kitchen hygiene.