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Month: May 2018

Planning and Executing an Inner City Wedding

The wedding season sees thousands of couples tie the knot in different destinations. One of the latest trends that we have noticed is the increase in the number of inner-city weddings. These weddings come complete with amazing backdrops devoid of the greenery that many people are used to.

You might be thinking along this line, which is why we need to talk about inner-city weddings and how you can nail the perfect one.

Why Are These Weddings on the Rise?

Inner city weddings are becoming more and more popular because couples are opting to explore more non-traditional wedding options than before. They wish to treat their guests to a unique experience that they don’t expect while making the whole wedding a success.

Additionally, inner-city weddings are ideal for those couples that are closer to home and need a place that is ready to host their wedding.

With the advent of technology and city life taking center stage, more couples are adopting the city lifestyle, and wish to take it up even in their wedding.

Additionally, the city provides the kind of energy that is different from what the unusual wedding venues offer. Traffic, skyscrapers and hooting taxis make for the perfect backdrop for a wedding of this magnitude.

Whatever the reason to have chosen this route, you need to make the wedding a success.

What Comprises the Perfect Inner City Wedding?

To make the inner city wedding the best, there can be, you need to choose your guest well and plan appropriately. Planning an inner-city wedding is similar to planning a traditional wedding, with just a few differences.

The way you dress up also matters. You will want to match the energy found in the city with the kind of dress you choose. You can even come up with a dressing code for your guests as well to make the set up complete.

Another thing that makes inner city weddings a success is the location. Location plays a significant role because it can make or break the wedding. You can choose a location in the hippy part of the town or go to a historic location to pull off a classic wedding.

Make sure the location you choose is ideal though. It needs to be accessible and have the amenities and services that you need. If the location is big enough, you can host the wedding as well as the reception from the same place, making it ideal and convenient.

Planning the Wedding

The planning process follows the same route as the traditional wedding in any other location. First, you need to understand what you need regarding the cost of the wedding. Make sure you understand what goes into the perfect inner city wedding before you come up with the cost estimates. Some of the items that you need in a traditional wedding might not be necessary for this type of wedding.

Secondly, you need to consider the catering. You can have the wedding in a venue with inside catering or hire outside caterers to do the job. Either way, you need to make sure you have enough food for your guests.

The place needs to be accessible, and not be congested. Holding a wedding in a high traffic area can even lead to delays in the bride’s arrival, which can spoil the fun especially for guests that have come from far. You also need to consider the available parking space for those guests who will come driving.

Finally, you have to consider the entertainment. You need to have a musician or a DJ on site to provide the music you need for the day.

Capturing Special Moments

Since this is a unique event, you need to make sure that every moment is put on record. You need to work with a qualified wedding photographer from bluebendphotography to cover the event and make sure he captures all the critical shots from the wedding.

Final Thoughts

Inner city weddings are a delight because they give an alternative edge to the traditional church weddings. With the right planning, you can pull this wedding off flawlessly. However, you need to have the right venue and make sure everything is in place before you can attempt this feat.

Where Can You Use Bi Fold Doors in Your Establishment?

Bi-fold doors are on an increasing trend and form the perfect way to let light into your home without breaking the bank. The bi-folding door increases the width of an entrance because the different doors fold into each other. They also take up less space, making them ideal for limited spaces.

These doors are ideal for different applications in the home. Let us look at these applications.

Partitioning Existing Space

Existing spaces in your home or office can do with a little partitioning. Using bricks or wood to create the partition eliminates the sense of space, which makes the rooms look smaller.

The best way to create a wall and retain the element of space is to use bi-fold doors. The doors come with glazed glass that allows you to have separate rooms while maintaining the original space.

Traditionally, the design of the partition wasn’t so innovative, and anyone could realize the presence of the partition. Moreover, the partition was hard to install and harder to blend with the surrounding decor. With the seamless and minimalistic design of the current bi-fold doors, you won’t even notice the aluminum frames.

The various rooms you end up with improve the convenience and efficiency as far as better working is concerned. The different rooms in the office can act as cubicles for your staff. If you use the doors in the home, you can use some of the rooms as study rooms, or as a bedroom using the blinds that come with the order.

You can also use the doors to create a partition between the dining area and the living room. Most homes don’t have anything between these two spaces. Sometimes these two are separated by a door, which means you cannot know when the food has been served or not.

The doors between the rooms are easy to open and close and are safe for use especially when you have kids in the home.

Bring the Outdoors into the Home

You can connect the outdoors to your living room or your extension by installing the doors on one or two sides of the wall. These doors are designed in a way that you enjoy an uninterrupted view of the outside world.

This design is ideal when you have kids that you need to keep an eye on as they play. Other kinds of walls couldn’t give you this luxury at all.

To nail the look, you need to use complimenting floor and wall decor so that you can make the perfect transition between the outside and the inside once you open the doors

One of the ways that you can make the whole arrangement work is to extend the floor style up to the edge of the swimming pool. This will make the outdoor spa or swimming pool seem like a part of the interior.

Dare Your Closet Doors to Be Different

Once you spend all that money on the interior of your closet, what remains is for you to match this with the exterior. The exterior is as important as the interior when it comes to designing your closet.

If you have a large closet, you can take advantage of the stylish and classy design of bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors let you see what is in the closet, and make it easy for you to open and close the doors. The silent operation won’t disturb anyone else sleeping in the room.

If you wish to add the element of space to the room, you can go for bi-fold doors that use mirrored glass panels. For a touch of elegance, you can choose frosted or textured glass doors.


If you are into the restaurant business, then bi-fold doors give you the perfect option. These doors fold back and create a space between the kitchen and the outside tables so that the waiters can easily access the customers. By opening up the sidewalk, you get to add more tables and chairs, which can open your restaurant up for more business.

These doors also make it easy to let in natural light. Your customers also enjoy a cool fresh breeze whenever they need it. However, you can close up the space when the wind becomes too much.

If you can’t open the doors, your customers can still get the perfect view of the outside through the clear glass.


You can use the bi-fold doors in hotels to give your guests a clear view of the outdoors right from the comfort of their beds. The doors can be folded back so that the guest can get unlimited access to the balcony of the hotel room.

Build an Extension

You can use the glass doors to create an extension of the home. The extension can be on the side of the house or the roof. Such an extension can have the bi-fold doors on only one side of the room or all sides, depending on your original design.

You can choose the kind of glass to use. The kind of glass depends on the objective of the extension in the first place. If you need the extension just for relaxation or an office, you need adequate light to filter into the extension.

When building the extension, it is vital to consider different kinds of blinds available. These blinds add color to the extension and help you regulate the amount of light streaming into the room depending on your needs. Take time to choose what color scheme you need, and work with a recommended Bi Fold Doors Manchester supplier so that you can integrate the doors into the existing design.

Final Thoughts

You can put bi-fold doors to different uses both in the home and in your commercial enterprise. These doors are versatile and provide various benefits to these establishments. Choose the right kind of doors to make sure the final result is attractive and beneficial to you the user. Remember, what you end up with is a combination of the right materials, doors, and expertise.